Up All Night App


Your safety is our priority at Up All Night 2021.  

To make sure everyone is safe on the night, we have created the Up All Night App! 

This free App includes a map of the course so that you always know where they you are going.

The map also highlights every pit stop and bathroom. 

As an optional extra, the App will also enable you to share your location.

By clicking the 'share your location' button, your number will be shown on the Up All Night Map. 

You have complete control over who you share your location with. You can share it with everyone or just Up All Night admins and your friends.

We highly advise you share your location with our admins so they can make sure you are safe throughout the walk.

*You can disable this location sharing at any time. 

*Your name will never be shown on the map, just your participation number.

Please ensure you only have location sharing on during Up All Night (Saturday 8:00 pm - Sunday 10 am). 

Turn this function off before and after the event.  

Click the links below to find out more about the Up All Night App: 

How to setup the Up All Night App

How to use the Up All Night App