Up All Night Safety App

How to use the Up All Night App




Please make sure to Register (before the event) and Check-in when you arrive on the night. 

If you need any help during the walk, call the emergency number on your bib and press the Report Location button.

At the end of your walk, don't forget to press the Check-out button!


The Map


To open the map click the map button on the bottom of your screen. 

This will bring you to the map screen. 


The route is highlighted in yellow. 

You are the light blue circle with the white border. 

You can also be shown as a little blue walking person. 

Each kilometer of the map can be shown by a number in a yellow circle.

Each Pit Stop is shown by a brown/blue circle.

We recommend you zoom in for clarity! 

If you lose your location at any time press the pointer at the top to find yourself!




Please note as the app uses location tracking the distances can be inaccurate. It can be affected by the number of users, wifi signal and various other factors. Please only use these distances as a general guide. 

This screen shows key details regarding the walk. 

You can see how far through the route you have walked, "start distance."

You can see how many kilometers left you have to walk, "end distance."

You can see how far off the route you are, "route distance." 

You can also see the direction to the route and route bearing. 


Location Sharing 

Click 'Sharing' if you would like to share your location. 

We recommend you select "Always Allow" during Up All Night. You can change this setting in your App Settings section on your phone.

Please note sharing your location is optional. You also get to choose who you would like to share your location with.

Click "Share With" - to select who you would like to share your location with.

There are three different options for location sharing.

Anyone with App + Admin - your location is shared with anyone that has the app installed. 

Private Code + Admin - your location is shared with the Up All Night Admin Team and anyone with access to your Private Code. (We recommend sharing your private code with your friends + family.) 

Admin Only - your location is shared with the Up All Night Admin Team.

Your name will never be shared on your map, only your number.

Option 1. Sharing your location using Private Code

Your friend needs to enter in your private code into this section. 
(Copy and Paste the code in!) 

Now ask your friends to add your participant number into the highlight your friends on the map favourites section.

Ask your friends to click "Only Display Favourites!"

After doing this, you will be displayed on the map for your friends and family. 

You will appear as a little blue man on their map. 

Option 2. Share your locations through Favourites. 

Please note - this only works if you have selected "Share With - Anyone with the app + Admin." 

To share your locations through favourites, give your friends your participant number.

Instruct them to enter it into the "favourites section."

Click Only Display Favourites!

This will allow your friends to see you on the map. 


Please ensure you only have location sharing on during Up All Night (Saturday 8:00 pm - Sunday 10 am). 

Turn this function off before and after the event.  

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