Peter Pritchard

I'll be Up All Night for sick kids

I’m taking part in Up All Night to raise money for Ronald McDonald House Charities Western Australia (RMHCWA). Walking in an overnight marathon isn’t going to be easy, but it’s nothing compared to being the parent of a sick child.

This cause is close to my heart as my family experienced all that Ronald McDonald House (RMH) offers earlier this year.  

In the last twelve months my daughter Claire, and her husband Adrian, gave birth to their second daughter, Elsie.  Within a week of being with us, Elsie was diagnosed with a Congenital Heart Defect. She had to undergo open heart surgery at only 9 days old. 

The Children’s Hospital, the surgeons, doctors and nurses were all wonderful, but this fundraiser is focusing on the amazing support and care of the RMH team and facilities.

Claire and Adrian were given a room to stay in, only minutes away from Elsie. They were provided with food, as well as an area they could take their older daughter to play or have family visit them. There were volunteers at RMH offering endless support, always happy to help in any way they could. As well as this, they were also provided all the facilities you need when living at a hospital, including washing machines, even down to washing powder, was there for parents. 

Having this facility took a massive worry and burden off my family’s shoulders. 

Being a Grandad is one of my life’s highlights, and I’m grateful that I have 4 wonderful grandchildren; Elsie being one of them. Claire and Adrian’s experience has highlighted the amazing work being done which is very much in the background to the medical work needed.

This is one example, but everyday families from across WA come to Perth so that their child can receive emergency medical treatment. Ronald McDonald House is their Home Away from Home during the most difficult time of their lives. 

I’m stepping up to show the families at Ronald McDonald House that they aren’t alone.

If you can, I’d be delighted you joined me in supporting this cause by donating to my page. 


Thank you to my Sponsors


David And Diana Quin-conroy

Glad to help out Pete. It's a wonderful cause.


Brian And Robin Levet

What a great cause and a great effort.


Linda Pritchard

Well done Bro


Claire, Adrian, Pippa And Elsie Levet

So thankful and proud you’re doing this to raise money for an organisation that impacted us so greatly.


Mary Norman


Bloomin Boxes



Karin And Ken Levet

Fantastic cause well done


Lisa And John Evans

Peter what a great cause, good luck !



Great to hear Pete, hope all is well with the family. Catch up soon.


Lauren Roberts


Mark Wallace

Break a leg cobber!


Jasmine Rodet

Amazing effort Peter. With you all the way from the comfort of my couch! Very happy to donate. A great cause.


Gus Ingenluyff


Jen O'hehir

Better wear good socks Pete :) Well done. Very good cause xx


Nash Wallis


Andrew Brown

Fantastic Effort Pete. This is such a worthwhile cause, and an incredible facility desperately needed and providing such a great service


David Nicholls

Good luck !!


Peter Pritchard


Justin Lipple


Piotr Blaszkiewicz


Kishen Kutty

Extra $100 for Domain Admin decide mate


Emma Pring

Claire you were a pillar of strength at the time and Elsie all I can say for you, is that you are a survivor-hear me roar! A very good cause Dad! Ronald MacDonald House helps so many people and cannot thank them enough for helping my family.


Lucy And Josh


Janet Thomas

Great work Peter, you are a good man. Very happy help and support such an organisation.


Carolyn Nicholas


Elle Auty


Linda Ann Fogg

Well done and good luck. Definitely a great cause.



Good luck Pete!



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