Stephen Padley

I’m walking 42km for seriously ill children and their families

First Training Walk

Headed out for first training walk this morning. Planned 5km and ended up with 10km on the odometer.  

Let’s see how the wheels pull up tomorrow morning ??

It Begins

Have just signed up to walk 42km in early March as part of the Chevron Veteran’s network. In support of a great charity.

Need to do some training and preps, but however it ends I’m sure it will be a great event and a lot of fun getting there. 

 Hoping we can make a difference for Ronald McDonald House  and might even get a little fitter in the process.

Better switch from Big Macs to the salad !

Appreciate any support you can give, even if it is just giving some smack talk to help motivate me  ....

I'll be Up All Night for sick kids

I’m taking part in Up All Night to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities Western Australia (RMHC WA). Walking in an overnight marathon isn’t going to be easy, but it’s nothing compared to being the parent of a sick child.

Every day, families from across WA come to Perth so that their child can receive essential medical treatment. Ronald McDonald House is their Home Away From Home during the most difficult time of their lives. 

I’m stepping up to show the families at Ronald McDonald House that they aren’t alone.

Join me on my journey. Donate to my page today. 

So far this year I helped provide


Night/s accommodation for 1 family


Dinner/s for 1 family


Lesson/s in the Learning Centre

Thank you to my Supporters


Walter Pakai

Great cause, enjoy the training and the achievement at the end. Good luck Steve!


Neil Barrie

Steve Good Luck and well done; great effort


Robert Quine

Good cause, good luck!


Cameron Mcsplendid

I have also donated to WA Ambulance Service. Just in case.



Good luck Steve !


Tom Squier




Dan Nissen

You can do it Steve - skin in the game 👍


Vernon Faraias

Well done Steve !! Definitely a worthy cause.


Thomas Bek

Good luck



If anyone can stay up all night, ‘tis you.




Robert Harvey

Appreciate your efforts Steve - well done !!


Veena Mendez

Chief, Very worthy cause. Well done!


Ric Luxton

Great effort Steve .. goodonya mate!

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