Jacob's Story

You are walking for families like Jacob's...

Jacob was born five weeks early with congenital leukaemia. After being born, all of his organs began to shut down and he had to be put on dialysis. 

A few weeks later Jacob had a severe brain haemorrhage, which then resulted in epilepsy and cerebal palsy.

Baby Jacob fought through all these challenges and his parents gave him the middle name "Rocky" in honour of the fighter "Rocky Balboa." 

Jacob’s Dad says:

"Little Rocky...

Little champ is a fighter

Everyday is a fighter

Everyday is a miracle 

Been lots of tears for our little man 

poor little guy is in a lot of pain."

Jacob’s Mum says:

"The hardest and most upsetting thing... Was trying to explain to my kids Jasper (8) and Ashley (5) that the baby they were watching grow in mummy's tummy... and the baby that they are so excited to see... is very sick and might die..."

True to his name Jacob Rocky fought his way through these illnesses. 

Jacob is now 3 years old, but he still needs to visit our House every 3 months for injections to treat his cerebral palsy. In the photo above he is with his brother and sister on their most recent visit to Ronald McDonald House Charities WA.

In total, Jacob and his family have stayed 244 nights at Ronald McDonald House Charities WA. Throughout Jacob’s whole life we have been there for him.

We have watched him grow up from a tiny little baby who was so unwell, to the amazing energetic toddler he is today.