Perth Route

12 Oct 2023


For the Perth Route, you'll be walking a marathon distance (42km) through Perth's best spots, with pit stops to refresh and recharge along the way.


Route Map*

Please note: routes may be subject to change, check back closer to the event date for final route maps


Perth Route Questions


Where is the start/finish line?

The Start/Finish line will be at the Ozone Reserve.

How far apart are the pit stops?

There will be pit stops all the way around the course – you will come across these roughly every 5km! There will be water/snacks, toilets, something fun to do and a team of people there to cheer you on!! 

Pit Stop Locations:

  • Pit Stop 1 - Millers Pool
  • Pit Stop 2 - RMHC
  • Pit Stop 3 - Rowe Park
  • Pit Stop 4 - HBF Stadium
  • Pit Stop 5 - Jolimont McDonalds
  • Pit Stop 6 - Palms Community Centre
  • Pit Stop 7 - Mounts Bay CP 1

How will I know where to go on the Course?

The course will be clearly signposted so you can navigate easily to the Finish Line. You’ll be provided with a head torch for added visibility and we will also have marshals along the course to give you extra direction and make sure everyone stays on track.

What happens if I can’t complete the walk?

If you find that you can’t walk any further, there will be an emergency phone number on your event lanyard– please call this number to let us know and tell us where you are so we can arrange for the support vehicle to take you back to the finish line. If you find that you can continue to walk after a rest they are able to drop you further along the course to walk again.

There will be support vehicles and cyclists on the course with you along the way, you can also talk to them and arrange a ride.

St John’s Ambulance teams are also on hand along the course, to provide assistance should you have an injury or no longer be able to complete the walk.

If you do decide to leave the walk part way through the course by your own means, please call the number on your badge to let us know that you’re safe.

Can I walk with my dog?

For the safety of you and other participants no animals are allowed on course.

What is walking etiquette?

Be polite and friendly towards all the other walkers out there! You are all walking to support a wonderful cause – keep that in mind while you’re walking and cheer each other on!

Please be mindful that everyone will be walking at different paces, it’s not a race and everyone will finish in their own time.

Also, remember that you will be walking through residential areas and that those residents will be sleeping! We ask that when you are walking through these areas, you be respectful and keep noise to a minimum.