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I’m walking 42km for seriously ill children and their families

How Ronald McDonald House helps families - a personal account

I've been thinking a lot about the message I received from one of my donors, a volunteer fire fighter who faced considerable odds in order to graduate from high school, an activity many of us take for granted. In speaking with him I have learnt about the way in which Ronald McDonald House supports families in need. I'll leave it to the young fire fighter to explain how great an impact this charity was in his families lives:
"At the end of Year 8 it’s suspected I caught an illness called Glandular Fever. This lead to me having many other medical problems over the next year which affected the way my heart functioned. I missed terms 1, 2, and 3 of Year 9 and was only at school for 2-3 hours a day in term 4. I was in Princess Margaret Hospital for almost 2 months straight. This isolation from school and my general life also had disastrous effects on my mental health. Nevertheless RMHC helped me and my family through this whole ordeal. They paid for some psychology sessions and many more occupational therapy sessions as my family couldn’t afford it at the time. They also sent me and my family to Bunbury and on a separate occasion to Busselton for a holiday, as we had spent most of the past year in and out of hospital and doctor’s appointments. The most important thing they did for me was provided me with ongoing tutoring, which helped me to no end. I had effectively missed an entire year of school, but yet with their help I was able to finish Year 12 with almost straight A’s. The crazy thing is last year there would have been hundreds of kids who were in the exact same situation as me"
Your donations, no matter the amount, mean a lot to the families of children undergoing critical medical treatment. Thank you for your support. 

14th Feb - Sunday stroll to Perth CBD.

Not the most romantic way to spend Valentines Day, but with my Wife helping her Mother and a babysitter lined up I was able to undertake my final and biggest practice walk for the event which is drawing closer. With the help and pace-setting of Mick Adley from South Coogee Bush Fire Brigade we left just after 6am from Success bound for the Esplanade at the Perth City river foreshore. 
A diversion to avoid a  construction area along the Kwinana Freeway meant we added a few more kms, but overall we kept up a steady pace. One brief pause to buy a cool drink as the heat of the day increased was the only real time we stopped. Just shy of midday we reached the Lucky Shag Bar on the Swan River and enjoyed a (couple) of pints and some salty wedges to celebrate the end of our walk. 
As the Ronald McDonald House walk will be at night, with regular breaks, in a great team while surrounded by hundreds of others I am confident that the 42km distance is achievable. 
Thanks to my wonderful wife Candice for supporting me in training for the walk over the past five weeks; Char Sheppard for looking after the kids so I could take the time to pound the pavement, and Mick Adley for walking to Fremantle and to Perth City as a training partner despite not walking this year. Importantly thanks to those who have donated to this great cause. 

8th Feb - Steps by another means

With the event just under a month away it is time to lift my training. Lockdown and then the Perth Hills Fire meant that training had to take a back step last week. I had two shifts at the fire - a Monday/Tuesday (early morning) and Wednesday (early Thursday). Each one involved moments of nothing, and periods of intense work, as shown in my step-count. At one stage on Wednesday afternoon my heartrate topped out at 191bpm - an intense 30 seconds or so I can tell you. But for all the challenges of last week I think it is nothing compared to what the kids and families at Ronald McDonald House go through. My work was done in hours, while theirs can go for years. Give generously, and thanks to those who have supported me and Ronald McDonald House so far. 

Upping the ante

Spurred on by your support, the mission of Ronald McDonald House and how far 42km in one go is I've been out practising when I can. This in turn has led to me discovering how great the wetlands and bush reserves are near our house. Walked 10km this morning, zigzagging through the bush and found an area teeming with bird and animal life. Saw hawks, kookaburras, even what I think was a bandicoot. The Robald McDonald walk will be great, but I've had a lot of enjoyment discovering this pocket of forest in the city. 

17km solo walk

Used the public holiday to walk a 17km lap around my neighbouring suburbs so I could mix up a few hills, some changing terrain and to see what kind of pace I would keep by myself. 
Next goal is to walk from my home to the City which will be a great test of my gear, shoes and the anti-friction cream!!

19km test

24th Jan. Walked from Success to the Sail & Anchor in Fremantle (of course we had a pint!). A nice 19.15km Sunday morning stroll.This was to test shoes, clothes and gear for the big event. I'll aim for a walk into the City (32km) in the next few weeks to compliment the morning training walks. Thanks again to those who've sponsored me in walking a marathon to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House

1st training walk

Up early and out on the trail this morning. Wasn't aiming for distance; rather trying to work out what shoes, shorts, socks to use. Going off of the experience of my Wife and her team at the Oxfam walk years ago these are important things to hammer out early! Excited about being a part of this event.

I'll be Up All Night for sick kids

I’m taking part in Up All Night to raise funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities Western Australia (RMHC WA). Walking in an overnight marathon isn’t going to be easy, but it’s nothing compared to being the parent of a sick child.

Every day, families from across WA come to Perth so that their child can receive essential medical treatment. Ronald McDonald House is their Home Away From Home during the most difficult time of their lives. 

I’m stepping up to show the families at Ronald McDonald House that they aren’t alone.

Join me on my journey. Donate to my page today. 

So far this year I helped provide


Night/s accommodation for 1 family


Dinner/s for 1 family


Lesson/s in the Learning Centre

Thank you to my Supporters


Ingrid Tait

Fantastic cause to fund raise for!


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You continue to inspire me with your passion for giving back to the community.. Go Team Chevron!


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Good luck on your walk Michael, stay safe.


Aaron Higgins

Proud of you mate - your continued dedication to the community and making a serious difference during your time on this earth is astounding and it is a privilege to work along side you.


Michael Tait


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Well done, Michael! What a great cause to get behind.


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All the best Michael and keep up your good work


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Good luck Billy!


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All the best for the walk Michael. Such a great cause.


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Michael Tait


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Get it done Dad!! We are so proud of you. xx


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Great effort Michael! Good Luck!


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Well done Michael!


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Wishing you all the best for your walk and for helping out families.


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Good work mate


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Love this cause! I ate my way through my journey, ask Lady Taity - take biltong its the perfect snack!


Paul Steel

Awesome, a great cause!


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James Wild

Great work Michael, RMHC has done wonders for me and my family and this is the least I can do. Here’s hoping South Coogee can do the walk next year!


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Go Michael !


Michael Tait




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Such a legend mate! My wife did the 50km oxfam walk a few years ago. Invest in socks bro 😍


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Great cause, all the best Michael.



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