for Up All Night

Raising $500 can sound like a daunting task, but the team at Ronald McDonald House Charities WA have put together some tips to get you well on your way!

Set up a compelling
fundraising page

The key to a successful online fundraiser is an engaging webpage. It’s a great way to tell your friends and family what you are up to, and why fundraising for Ronald McDonald House is important to you:

What motivated you?

What are you doing and when?

What do you want people to do?

Put this information together in a story with passion, and don’t forget to ask people to donate! Remember, fundraisers who use their webpages to tell a story, and explain why they are supporting a charity, raise more money than people who don’t.


Everyone is busy these days, and it can be easy for your supporters to forget to donate, so it’s up to you to remind them. Ask, then ask again! Don’t be discouraged by the lack of an early response as most people make their donations just before and just after an event – if you remind them!

Use the blog function on your Fundraising Page to update your supporters. Don’t forget to share your page on social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn

Host a charity
fundraiser event

This might take a bit more time and effort, but your friends and family would very likely a) attend and/or b) help out. Be it a morning tea, dinner party, sausage sizzle, casual sporting event/competition, movie night, or car wash – the possibilities are endless! Find something you’re good at, and get your friends and family behind it. It’s easier to part with hard earned cash if you get something in return.

Approaching local businesses to help out with venue requirements and supplies not only helps with your bottom line, but also gets the message out about the charity and the amazing work we do. 

Support yourself

Kick-start your donations by donating to your own page first. This will give people an amount to match!

Matched giving

This is a great service, provided by companies where your employer may offer to contribute an additional donation to your event or match what you have already raised. Chat to your HR department today!

Thank everyone!

Thank your donors and supporters along the way - either through email, on your webpage, or in person. Make them feel good about supporting you, and encourage others to follow suit.